Take our FREE Lifestyle Assessment and Get Started on the Path to Healthy Goal Achievement!

Take our FREE Lifestyle Assessment and Get Started on the Path to Healthy Goal Achievement!
  • Make 2014 the Re-New You Year!

    Discover the energy-enhancing fundamentals of healthy goal achievement. Invest just a 10 minutes and take the Lifestyle Assessment FREE. It's time for you to resolve the hidden lifestyle challenges that are depleting your energy, evolve with a new lifestyle mindset and skill set and achieve even your most ambitious goals!

    Discover the aspects of Your Lifestyle that can be optimized and receive a free consultation by phone, Skype or in person at The Lifestyle Coaching Center, in Livingston New Jersey.

    Take the Lifestyle Assessment Now, FREE!

Take Your Free Lifestyle Assessment

Re-New You in 2014 with a Optimized Lifestyle Plan That Meets Your Goals!


A confidential assessment (online or in print) that identifies your lifestyle gaps and strengths. The assessment is an important first-step to understanding your lifestyle profile and the primary areas you need to optimize for healthy goal achievement. Once completed, a free and private lifestyle orientation call is scheduled with JAM to privately analyze your results. Take it Now!

The Lifestyle Immersion

The Immersion is an exclusive retreat-oriented experience where a comprehensive, personalized lifestyle evaluation is combined with an intensive coaching program for a truly transformative result. The two-day private lifestyle immersion can be conducted at The Lifestyle Coaching Center or an appropriate destination that accommodates client needs and expectation. Call for details!


PL-365 is a comprehensive and intensive training and support system online that offers a direct and on-demand path to an optimized lifestyle all year long. The system answers your lifestyle questions, even ones you don’t know to ask. Your questions are answered with video, audio and text based responses from Your Lifestyle Coach. Call for details!

Now is the Time to Take Serious Action and Optimize Your Lifestyle!